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May 22, 2024 (FBC) – A delegation led by Dr. Jemalu Jenber Bekele, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, visited Chongqing, China.

Addis Ababa City


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Addis Ababa City Updated  News Highlights

Jan 05, 2024

Addis Ababa, January 5, 2024 (FBC) – Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Ms. Adanech Abiebie welcomed and held a discussion with Chinese delegation headed by Mr. ChinZhao Shiqing, Vice Chairperson of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, on the issue of strengthening bilateral relations.

After her discussion with the Chinese delegation, Mayor Adanech Abiebie said via a social media post that both sides agreed to strengthen their bilateral relations and uplift relations from friendly cities to sister cities.

Dec 22, 2023

Addis Ababa, December 22, 2023 (FBC) – The Ethiopian delegation led by Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie which is on a working visit to China had a meeting with Deputy Chairperson of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress.

During the meeting, Mayor Adanech appreciated the green transformation activities in Chengdu city, the capital of Sichuan Province of China, expressing Addis Ababa’s interest to take lesson from this accomplishment.

Chengdu city has a lot to share with Addis Ababa in terms of harmonizing urban infrastructure with development of parks.

Dec 21, 2023

Addis Ababa, December 21, 2023 (FBC) – An Ethiopian delegation led by Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie is on a working visit to China.

As part of its working visit, the delegation which comprise of mayor of various Ethiopian cities held discussions with officials of Dujiangyan City of Sichuan Province of China.

Following the consensus reached between the two sides, Bahir Dar City of Ethiopia and Dujiangyan City of China have signed an agreement to establish a Sister City relationship so as to cooperate in areas of trade, investment, tourism, park development and greenery and beautification activities.

Dec 21, 2023

Addis Ababa, December 21, 2023 (FBC) – The Sebeta train station, situated on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital, was officially inaugurated and commenced operations this morning as the starting point of the Ethio-Djibouti rail transport route.

The launching program witnessed the presence of Mr. Denge Boru, the Minister of State for Transport and Logistics, along with Abdi Zenebe, the Chief Executive Officer of Ethio-Djibouti Railways, and officials from the Sheger city administration.

Dec 19,  2023

Addis Ababa, December 19, 2023 (FBC) – Addis Ababa city administration and Shanghai city have reached an agreement to work closely in various areas, the Mayor Office of Addis Ababa confirmed today.

The commitment of the two cities was revealed during a discussion between Mayor of Addis Ababa city Ms. Adanech Abiebie and Mayor of Shanghai city Gong Zheng in Shanghai.

It is known that the Addis Ababa city administration delegation, headed by Ms. Adanech Abiebie has traveled to Shanghai, China’s prominent commercial center, this week for an official working visit.

Dec 18,  2023

Addis Ababa, December 18, 2023 (FBC) – An Ethiopian delegation, headed by Ms. Adanech Abiebie, the Mayor of Addis Ababa city, has arrived in Shanghai, China’s prominent commercial hub, for an official working visit..

The purpose of their visit, according to Addis Ababa City Communication, is to engage in official activities and discussions with counterparts in Shanghai, with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations and exploring potential areas of collaboration.

Dec 07,  2023

Addis Ababa, December 7, 2023 (FBC) – China’s Chongqing city expressed its keenness to further enhance and promote its friendship with the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, a notch higher.

That was expressed during the meeting between Tafera Derbew, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the People`s Republic of China, and Mr. Li Mingquan, Deputy Director General of the Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office, on December 7, 2023.

During their discussion, Ambassador Tefera Derbew and Mr. Li Mingquan exchanged views on existing cooperation and future collaboration in the fields of economy, trade, and culture, and further enhancing and promoting the friendship between Chongqing and the Ethiopian capital.

Dec 05,  2023

Addis Ababa, December 5, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopian Ambassador to Pakistan, Jemal Beker discussed with Chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA) on prospects of initiating a city-to-city collaboration between the two countries in order to promote sustainable governance in the global south through climate resilient urban planning.

The collaboration came under discussion during a meeting between Jemal Beker Abdula, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Pakistan and Captain Anwarul Haq, Chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Chief Commissioner Islamabad.

Both sides discussed matters of mutual interest including knowledge exchange between the administrations of both the countries’ capital cities—Addis Ababa and Islamabad.


Message from the  Mayor

H E  Mayor Adanech Abiebie

Welcome to the City of Addis Ababa

It is my hope that you will explore the opportunities Addis Ababa has to offer to our businesses and residents, notably the Addis Ababa Friendship Park, Andinet Park, Entoto Arts Center, Grove Garden Walk, and many more exciting areas of the city.


Collective Cooperation : It is through the collective cooperation of the city, schools, businesses, civic organizations, and residents that Addis Ababa that we can offer an appealing quality of life. The City of Addis Ababa strives to be a city of excellence and an outstanding community in which to live, work, and enjoy life. The City of Addis Ababa offers a conveniently located industrial, commercial, and retail hub for businesses, as well as a wide variety of housing and convenient neighborhoods. My administration is committed to excellence and service to our residents, schools, and businesses.

Explore Addis Ababa : I invite you to explore our website and learn about the projects and initiatives that my office will be working on. I hope to see you around town and if I can be of any assistance, please contact my office.

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