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     The health goals set to be achieved by 2030, even though a lot of work has been done in the field of hygiene and environmental health care, it has been stated that there are still things left to be done.

   According to Dr. Liya's speech, the key focus areas in the health sector are to provide fair and quality health services to our community and to improve the lives of the citizens.


Addis Ababa, August 21, 2022 (FBC) – Jemal Bekir, Ambassador of Ethiopia in Pakistan, attended a two-day seminar to discuss the Islamabad Health City Program, sharing Ethiopia’s health policy and best practices. 

According to him, Ethiopia’s primary health policy focuses on promoting prevention, cure, and equitable health service distribution, which contributes significantly to the reduction of child mortality and the prevalence of infectious diseases such as cholera and flu, as well as mitigating the economic, social, and spiritual impacts of COVID-19. 

He stated that Ethiopia’s health extension and community awareness-raising programs have significantly changed culture and improved hygiene and sanitation in rural and urban areas, following the motto “Prevention is better than cure.”


Addis Ababa, August 17, 2022 (FBC) – USAID Transform: Primary Health Care donates medical supplies to warn torn institutions in Amhara Regional State.

Head of the USAID Transform: Primary Health Care and Director of the Pathfinder Internaitonal, Mengistu Asnake said similar support worth 234 million birr have been provided to restore health instituions that were vandlized and looted during the conflict.

Head of the Amhara Region Health Bureau, Dr. Melkamu Abite extended gratitute to USAID Transform: Primary Health Care for the countinued assistance. 

Saying that a wide range of activities have been carried out restore health instituions damaged due to the conflict, Dr. Melkamu called on international partners to support the efforts underway to capacitate ....


Ministry Of Health Sign MoU With Globeark Enterprise Inc., Nordic Medical Center

Addis Ababa, August 3, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) virtually signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of enhancing and strengthening their mutual support and collaboration in their disease control and prevention system.

In his opening remark, Ambassador Teshome Toga congratulated both institutions for signing the MoU within a short period of time since they started partnership discussions through the Embassy in Beijing and shared his belief that it will help strengthen their cooperation in the years to come. He added that the collaboration between the two institutions is a very important aspect of the Africa-China cooperation under the framework of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation.


Ministry of Health, partners deliberate on ways of achieving better impacts towards UHC in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, July 26, 2022 (FBC) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, development partners and Civic Society Organizations and private sector started a three-day meeting that kick started the country-level journey of assessing and planning towards enhanced alignment in Ethiopia, building on the strengths and identifying the gaps.

It aims to improve effectiveness and efficiency of aid resources by aligning financial and technical assistance, planning and implementation to achieve better impact towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The country-led initiative of the Alignment Working Group (AWG) currently comprising of 12 countries and development partners was established a year ago after the 12th Global Financing Facility (GFF) Investors Group meeting.


Addis Ababa, June 22, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held a virtual discussion and reaffirmed their commitment to jointly collaborate on disease surveillance system, health informatics, public health emergency management, food safety, capacity building, research and development, setting up modern laboratories and on other related areas as well.

While moderating the discussion, Ambassador Teshome Toga mentioned that Ethiopia and China enjoy a strong diplomatic relationship and share a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership (CSCP).


Addis Ababa, June 16, 2022 (FBC) – Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) and the National Institute for Parasitic Diseases (NIPD) – Center for Tropical Diseases Research (CTDR), which is under the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), jointly co-organized “Ethiopia-China Virtual Symposium on Cooperation on Research of Tropical Diseases” today.

Ethiopian Ambassador in China, Teshome Toga attended the virtual symposium and expressed his delight to witness WSU and NIPD-CTDR co-organizing the symposium shortly after they launched their partnership and noted that this speaks volume to their dedication and commitment to the partnership they have.


Addis Ababa, August 19, 2022 (FBC) The Ministry of Health – Ethiopia has announced that it is going to provide free healthcare services to 100,000 citizens.

The medical service will be provided by volunteer health professionals from August 22 to 26, 2022 under the motto “Virtue for Our Health”, stated Lia Tadese (PhD), Health Minister -Ethiopia.

Various medical services will be provided to economically vulnerable and homeless members of the society during the six consecutive days of voluntary services, said the Minister.

Health tests for diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and cataract treatment, and other communicable and non-communicable diseases are said to be offered.


Addis Ababa, August 16, 2022 (FBC) – Nebiat Getachew Assegid, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the Algeria, met with Dr. Abderrahmane Djamal Lofti Benbahmed, Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, and discussed enhancing bilateral cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals between the two sisterly countries.

Ambassador Nebiat briefed Minister Dr. Benbahmed that Ethiopia has a huge trade and Investment potential for Algerian pharmaceutical Industry and outlined the Ethiopian pharmaceutical regulatory and distribution landscape.

He added that Ethiopia has created a conducive environment for investors by creating pharmaceutical industrial parks among other incentives.


Addis Ababa, July 27, 2022 (FBC) –The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia has signed an MoU with Globeark Enterprise Inc. and Nordic Medical Center to improve birth and death notification system.

According to the agreement, Golbark Enterprise and Nordic Medical Center will provide technical and financial support to test digitalization work that will enhance the information management of birth and death notification in selected districts.


Addis Ababa, July 18, 2022 (FBC) – The 19th General Assembly of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) was officially opened by its Patron President Sahle-Work Zewde on July 16 which is taking place during the 87th anniversary of the Society.

In her speech, the President expressed her confidence that the General Assembly will help them acquire the capacity to carry out better humanitarian activities.

She expressed her admiration to the family, volunteers, members and staff of the Society for showing humanity and saving lives by standing firm in difficult situations.


Addis Ababa, June 17, 2022 (FBC) – Ministry of Health,Ethiopia signed yesterday an MOU with Rotary International, Ethiopian Airlines and the Children’s Heart Fund (CHF) of Ethiopia to cover the cost of medical and travel expenses in India for surgical treatment of 100 children with heart disease and their 100 attendants.

Another MOU was also signed between Ministry of Health and the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia to support and strengthen the free cardiac surgical service provided by the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Rotary International, Rotary Ethiopia, Ethiopian Airlines and the Children’s Heart Fund Ethiopia for their generous contribution in mending hearts and saving lives of children,” Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse said.


Addis Ababa, June 15, 2022 (FBC) – The Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse stated that the nation has administered 13.3 million doses of COVID 19 vaccine in in the last six days.

Ethiopia has launched the third round COVID 19 vaccination as a part of the efforts to curtail the spread of the pandemic. Dr. Lia added that 1.6 Ethiopians have also received booster doses in line with the campaign underway throughout the country.

Dr. Lia further called on all who received the full shots to take the booster dose, appreciating the general public for their continued commitment to the vaccination campaign.

Meet the Minister

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H.E. Dr. Liya Tadesse

Minister of Health (MOH)

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Overview of the Ministry of Health

    Health Sector Development Programme (HSDP) (2010/11-2014/15) gives an overview of the performance of the health sector in the Ethiopian Fiscal Year (EFY) 2006(2013/2014), examining the progress made, the efforts that are underway and the challenges faced by the sector in the promotion of health, and in the implementation, financing and governance of health services.

    As in previous years, the development process of the Annual Performance Report for EFY 2006 was widely consultative, involving Regional Health Bureaus (RHB), the various Directorates of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH), and agencies accountable to the FMOH as well as Development Partners (DP).

Ministry of Health

Millennium Development Goals at a glance

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Reaching the health MDGs implies a dramatic expansion of key services, and the implementation of mechanisms to increase demand for and use of those services, particularly the rural populations, the poor, and among them women and children. Priorities are listed below as 6 steps progressively allowing the upgrade of health services, strengthening both supply of services and demand for preventative and curative care.

Ministry of Health

Programs and Projects

Ethiopia experiences a heavy burden of diseases with a growing prevalence of communicable infections. Many Ethiopians face high morbidity and mortality largely attributed to potentially preventable infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

In response to such prevailing and newly emerging health problems, the Ethiopian Government-developed a 20-year rolling Health Sector Development Program (HSDP) in 1997/98 (1990 EFY), which proposes long-term goals for the health sector, and the means to attain them through a series of phases.

HSDP aims to develop a health system, which provides comprehensive and integrated primary care services, primarily based at community level health facilities. It focuses on communicable and noncommunicable disease prevention and control, common nutritional disorders, environmental health and hygiene, reproductive health care, maternal and child health, immunization and the treatment and control of basic infectious diseases like upper respiratory tract infections. It also focuses on health care administrative issues such as establishing quality health care, human resource management and financial resource mobilization.

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