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Addis Ababa, November 21, 2022 (FBC) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minisry reaffirmed commitment of the Government of Ethiopia to continue the repatriation of citizens who are suffering from appalling conditions in Saudi Arabia.

State Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano along with other high level officials has welcomed citizens who returned home upon their arrival at Bole International Airport.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that 1,170 citizens have been repatriated home on Monday with three flights.

Ambassador Birtukan said the Government has so far airlifted more than 71,600 citizens from Saudi Arabia, adding that, activities are underway to reunite the returnees with 


Addis Ababa, November 21, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Cuba, Dr. Genet Teshome, held discussions with the Ethiopian Community living in and around Havana and with members of the Founding Committee of the Ethio-Cuba Association.

During the discussion, Ambassador Dr. Genet Teshome gave a wide-range of explanations about the peace agreement signed in Pretoria and Nairobi between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF, and updates in relation to its implementation.

Ambassador Dr. Genet further reaffirmed the community that the peace deal will enable the country to return with full scale towards peace and prosperity.


Addis Ababa, November 20, 2022 (FBC) – The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Addis Ababa held a special event marking the start of the 22nd World Cup on Sunday, November 20.

The host country of the 22nd World Cup, its embassy in Addis Ababa, has held an opening ceremony for the World Cup at the Hyatt Regency Hotel earlier today.

The event was attended by high-level government officials and invited guests, including State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Birtukan Ayano, Minister of Culture and Sports, Kejela Medasa, and members of the diplomatic community residing in Addis Ababa.

During the event, the guests virtually attended the opening ceremony of the World .....


Addis Ababa, November 12, 2022 (FBC) – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ethiopia Office has expressed readiness to carry out activities that increase the social, economic and political participation of the diaspora based on the request of the Ethiopian Diaspora Service.

The Ethiopian Office of the International Organization for Migration and the Ethiopian Diaspora Service have advised on ways they can cooperate to increase the participation of the diaspora.

The director general of Ethiopian Diaspora Service, Mohamed Endris, said that his office wants to strengthen its relationship with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to facilitate more effective legal and structural arrangements for diaspora ....


Addis Ababa, November 11, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopia has received 1.3 billion USD remittances from foreign currency sent home by the Diaspora community in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

According to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, the country collected more than 2 million USD foreign currency deposits in that period.

The Agency also pointed out that the remmitance was received from more than two thousand diaspora accounts.

In the first quarter of the ongoing (2022/23) Ethiopian fiscal year, the diaspora contributed in public and digital diplomacy as well as fundraising, said the Director General of Ethiopian Diaspora Service, Mohamed Endris.


Addis Ababa, November 21, 2022 (FBC) – Regional Training workshop on improving IGAD member states labour migration governance and protection of migrant workers in the Middle East started today in Addis Ababa.

Opening the workshop, Birtukan Ayano, State Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, remarked the need for a robust, comprehensive and coordinated effort to tackle challenges related to migration in the IGAD sub-region.

She highlighted some of the measures taken by the Ethiopian government such as increasing the competitiveness of migrants in the labour-market by equipping them with the necessary skills, and ensuring that their rights are respected.


Addis Ababa, November 20, 2022 (FBC) –  Demitu Hambisa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to FAO, IFAD and WFP, Ambassador to Italy, held discussions on various issues with representatives of various diaspora organizations in Rome.

The discussion was mainly focused on current national issues, especially the peace accord to end the war in the northern part of our country.

According to the Ethiopian Embassy in Rome, the discussion was also aimed at thanking the organisations for their continued contribution to Ethiopia on numerous occasions.


Addis Ababa, November 13, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian citizens living in Saudi Arabia have donated 21 million birr in support of the rebuilding and rehabilitation process of conflict affected areas.

At the closing and appreciation event of fundraising, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Lencho Bati, gave a certificate of appreciation to members and organizations of the Ethiopian diaspora living in Saudi Arabia who contributed to the national cause.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the Ethiopians living in Saudi Arabia for their support, even if they are not quite self-sufficient. He also encouraged them to continue their support.


Addis Ababa, November 11, 2022 (FBC) – The FDRE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonon, acknowledged that the Ethiopian Consulate General Office in Dubai is undertaking encouraging tasks to protect the rights and interests of citizens in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minsiter of Foreign Affairs Demeke paid a visit to the Consulate General of Ethiopia in Dubai on Friday, November 11.

During his visit, DPM & FM Demeke was briefed by the Ethiopian Ambassador Aklilu Kebede regarding the services provided to citizens by the Consulate General Office, the activities being carried out to protect the rights and interests of citizens, to increase diaspora participation and to benefit Ethiopia in trade, investment and tourism.


Addis Ababa, October 28, 2022 (FBC) – The Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abiebie, held discussion with Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans living in Washington, DC.

At the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC, the Mayor discussed with Diasporas who are engaged in investment and business sectors.

During the discussion, members of the diaspora expressed their happiness that Addis Ababa won the 2022 Milan Pact Award in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the C40 Cities of the World Award in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mayor Adanech also mentioned that the role of the Ethiopian diaspora in the efforts to overcome the challenges and the victories achieved so far is unparalleled.

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